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The lame and acclaim of the Sochi games

8 Feb

I feel as though I need to comment on the Sochi games. I obviously know a whole lot about Russia (I’ve written one and a half blog posts about the country) and sports (I covered one sports-related event for our local paper), so I’m pretty sure I qualify as an expert.

Suuuuure, expert.

At least, Olympic Bear thinks so.

So, without further ado, here’s some stories about the winter Olympics I gathered from various sources on the all-knowing Internet:

Russians have interesting toilets. There have been a ton of complaints/unbelief online about the toilets in the Olympic Village and surrounding areas. I find most of them amusing, if not stinking of first world problems (stinking…hehe). Check out this audience toilet…all I have to say is, at least the athletes aren’t being subjected to squatty potties!

Speaking of bathrooms…a U.S. bobsledder got stuck in one. And then he used his bobsled skills to kick the door down. Because no matter how hard-working and determined you may be, claustrophobia always wins.


(picture from Johnny Quinn’s Twitter)

The Jamaican bobsled team is calling themselves JamBob. Plus they opened up about training in Wyoming, their desire to bring sunshine and rhythm to the games, and money vs. heart in this article. Aww. In the words of Mr. Sunshine himself, “One love, one sled…let’s get in together and run all right.”

An Austrian athlete fell down during the opening ceremony, proving that even the most athletic of us can occasionally face plant for no reason at all. The only one looking very concerned about it is the guy front and left – “Uhhh guys, do I step over him, or wait, or what?!”

Courtesy of HuffingtonPost

Courtesy of the Huffington Post

There you have it, folks. Some of my favorite happenings so far from the Winter Olympics! And let’s not forget the awesomeness of countries getting together for friendly competition. Read here about the historical Olympic Truce and how it promotes worldwide peace. Three cheers for Sochi 2014!


A Jamaican not-quite disaster

7 Aug

I’m not very good with dough, and frying has always been an issue.

So why am I always tempted by recipes that require frying dough?!

This week’s oily escapade involved Jamaican dumplings. In Jamaica, these dumplings are flaky cakes of fried dough often eaten with salty fish for breakfast. As I’m a sweet breakfast sort of girl (except for o-mmm-elets!), I tried a couple different sweet toppings on my dumplings and ate them with nary a fish in sight.

Powdered sugar, honey, chocolate syrup and cinnamon sugar dumplings

Aren’t they pretty? Yeah, those are the third batch. My first batch burnt instantly. Instantly! The instructions called for the oil to be on medium heat, which it was. But the moment I put the dough in, black burnt pieces started swimming around the pan. And smoke filled the room. And my family came running from all parts of the house (beckoned by the acrid smell, their burning eyes and prophetic intuition).

The next batch turned out hard because they sizzled too long in warm oil (I wasn’t about to burn them again!). The third batch was pretty tasty, though, so evidently I finally got the temperature of the oil right. Not that my family was eager to try them.

I hope I didn’t wound the spirit of Jamaica at my culinary incompetence, because I’d love to visit the happy island someday. The night of my dumpling escapade, I watched Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce win gold in the 100-meter Olympic race. NBC showed a short background of her life, and then interviewed her after she earned the gold medal. I was inspired by her positivity and humility despite her difficult upbringing.

I’ll end with a Jamaican phrase that I believe represents Shelly-Ann as well as me: “One, one coco full basket.” In other words, “Do not expect to achieve success overnight, take it slowly.” Becoming a runner definitely takes time and effort, but it can be done. And with all my heart, I believe the same about making and frying dough!