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Your Egg-ellency

17 Mar

If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you probably know about my obsessions with coffee and yogurt. I also have a third life staple: eggs.


For you aliens who don't know what an egg is: there she blows!

For you aliens who don’t know what an egg is: there she blows!

My love affair with eggs starts with getting my tonsils out at age 11. For days after my surgery, I didn’t want to eat anything, even the ice cream, pudding and jello everyone and their mom’s yap about eating when THEY get their tonsils out. Not me. I have to use a special kind of gas when they put my under, and it makes me sick to my stomach.

But the first second I felt like eating, I wanted eggs.

“What kind of eggs?” my mom asked, trying to hide the pudding bowl behind her back. “Scrambled? Omelet? Fried?”

At that point, I’m not sure if I had even had a plain fried egg before. But when she said the word, I knew I needed it. ASAP!

Since that day, eggs have been my food of choice whenever I’m feeling sick. They are also my food of choice in the morning, as an afternoon snack or at any time of day. This works great for me since they are always in our fridge (along with milk, shredded cheese and ice cream…no lactose intolerance allowed here!).

A beautiful fried egg is still my favorite way to prepare eggs. Fried in oil, served with salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne; when I cut into the yolk, it spills out like golden nectar and serves as both dipping sauce and a nice pop of color.

It’s all about the presentation, y’all.

Tomorrow you’ll get to read about some unique ways to prepare eggs that I learned from The Mind of a Chef, one of my favorite gems on Netflix. The first season is all about Chef David Chang, who I am sort of in love with, although, granted, my love starts in my stomach. He’s hilarious and I love watching him and his friends delve into dishes I could never even imagine attempting. ┬áSo that’s why I watched 25 glorious minutes of TV all about eggs…and then made some eggs of my own! Check back tomorrow for the mind-blowing video (haha play on words! you’ll figure it out later).