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McLame or McLegit?

13 Nov

Think about your favorite restaurant. Somewhere you go to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or special events – probably expensive, possibly Italian, right?

One day in Budapest my Hungarian friend told me something strange. He said, “If I take a girl out on a date, I take her to McDonalds.”

And he meant it. Because Mickey D’s is legit over there in Europedom – y’all, we’re missing out! We are missing out on gorgeous lattes in real cups made by a barista who has never touched a fry in his life. We are missing out on watching business meetings unfold amidst brightly colored chairs and carefully avoiding the official-looking man guarding the fountain drinks (why must everyone deny me free refills?!).

Not even Starbucks makes it that pretty.

Alas, there is a caveat to all this goodness. As far as I can tell, the U.S. has the only McDonald’s restaurants with dollar menus. When I was in Budapest, a dollar was equal to about 200 Hungarian forint, and the cheapest thing I could find was at least 500 forint.

Plus, you have to pay for the bathroom. Unless you, ahem, happen to find a receipt on a random tray to show to the bathroom attendant. I hear that works.

In my opinion, McDonald’s didn’t deserve the bad rap it got after the whole Super Size Me escapade. Many Americans were terrified to eat there or stuck up their nose at those who did. Did they think it was the healthiest option available?!

But I also don’t think McDonald’s worthy of date night. Even date night in Budapest!

Neither is the pastry shop down the road from McDonald’s. Although the cinnamon bun makes it tempting.