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On the egg-spress to Yum Town

18 Mar

As I promised, here’s an account of the lovely time I had making eggs inspired by The Mind of a Chef, one of my favorite gems on Netflix. The first season is all about Chef David Chang, who I am sort of in love with, although, granted, my love starts in my stomach. He’s hilarious and I love watching him and his friends delve into dishes I could never even imagine attempting.  So that’s why I watched 25 glorious minutes of TV all about eggs…and then made some eggs of my own!

Egg #1: The Swirl

Origin, 2005. Chef Daniel Patterson made this up because he wanted something “super easy” where he didn’t have to wash the pots (which confuses me a little, because I had to wash my pots). I love how the whole episode is about eggs, but when Chef Patterson introduces his recipe, he says, “there’s an egg involved.” You think?

You start the Swirl by beating an egg. Bring water and salt to a simmer, then “whirlpool your water” (as in, give it a good stir) and pour your egg in. Count to 10 and pour it through a strainer! It’s pretty simple, although I felt a sort of fear just pouring the egg into the water. IT’S ALONE AND UNPROTECTED.

When I drained the water, the egg looked disgusting. Like, “did you just come out of the ocean?” disgusting.



Thankfully it looked a little better on the plate.


Chef Patterson pours olive oil on the egg and of course adds salt and pepper. My egg was ridiculously fluffy. I thought the olive oil might be overwhelming, but it’s more like an aftertaste. The egg itself is warm and tastes meaty, which is crazy considering how light it is.


In a hilarious exchange on the show, Chef Chang tastes his first Swirl and says, “Delicious. Clean. It’s an egg.”

To which Patterson says, “Yeah. It’s an egg.”

You go, guys! Keep up the good identifications!

Egg #2: The Sergio

I hate peeling eggs. I’ve tried all the tricks to make hard-boiled eggs easier to peel, but it never works. It’s like chickens have something against me eating them or something. So when Chang demonstrated what he called the Sergio Egg, I was blown away (haha…).

Chang learned the technique for “peeling” an egg from Chef Sergio Perera. It consists of not peeling at all, but instead cutting a hole at the top of your egg and blowing it out. Yes. So of course I tried it out and filmed it too, so check it out below.

The only bad thing about this method is you probably don’t want to prepare someone else’s egg this way. Or, depending on who it is, maybe you definitely want to use this method. Just remember to keep it to yourself…until afterwards, of course!


Your Egg-ellency

17 Mar

If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you probably know about my obsessions with coffee and yogurt. I also have a third life staple: eggs.


For you aliens who don't know what an egg is: there she blows!

For you aliens who don’t know what an egg is: there she blows!

My love affair with eggs starts with getting my tonsils out at age 11. For days after my surgery, I didn’t want to eat anything, even the ice cream, pudding and jello everyone and their mom’s yap about eating when THEY get their tonsils out. Not me. I have to use a special kind of gas when they put my under, and it makes me sick to my stomach.

But the first second I felt like eating, I wanted eggs.

“What kind of eggs?” my mom asked, trying to hide the pudding bowl behind her back. “Scrambled? Omelet? Fried?”

At that point, I’m not sure if I had even had a plain fried egg before. But when she said the word, I knew I needed it. ASAP!

Since that day, eggs have been my food of choice whenever I’m feeling sick. They are also my food of choice in the morning, as an afternoon snack or at any time of day. This works great for me since they are always in our fridge (along with milk, shredded cheese and ice cream…no lactose intolerance allowed here!).

A beautiful fried egg is still my favorite way to prepare eggs. Fried in oil, served with salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne; when I cut into the yolk, it spills out like golden nectar and serves as both dipping sauce and a nice pop of color.

It’s all about the presentation, y’all.

Tomorrow you’ll get to read about some unique ways to prepare eggs that I learned from The Mind of a Chef, one of my favorite gems on Netflix. The first season is all about Chef David Chang, who I am sort of in love with, although, granted, my love starts in my stomach. He’s hilarious and I love watching him and his friends delve into dishes I could never even imagine attempting.  So that’s why I watched 25 glorious minutes of TV all about eggs…and then made some eggs of my own! Check back tomorrow for the mind-blowing video (haha play on words! you’ll figure it out later).

I found the burek!

25 Jan

I have long bemoaned the lack of Eastern European food in Nashville.

We’re pretty international, but really people just eat a lot of Asian and gyros.  My sister and our friend call ourselves the Sketchy Restaurant Club…we’ve had Thai, Middle Eastern, El Salvadoran, Indian, Greek, Japanese…but there are definitely unrepresented parts of the world. There ain’t no Finnish restaurants, or Kyrgyz, or even Russian ones.

But lo and behold, Nashville has gained an adorable little Eastern European place called Euro Grill. Although, they seemed a little hesitant to proclaim their true identity, as the sign says, “Mediterrainian Food” [sic]. I understand, guys. Some people need to be tricked into discovering their true love of feta-filled pastry.

Apparently the restaurant’s been open since 2010, but when I got back from Eastern Europe in 2011, I looked everywhere for Balkan food and couldn’t find it. I finally got wind of Euro Grill last year, and this was my first time going.

I was a little excited.

I was a little excited.

Not only was there legit food, but most people in the place were speaking a variant of Croatian/Serbian. There were tiny coffee cups, guys wearing sweat pants and Nikes, and a group of men playing darts basically the whole time we were there. It was literally a piece of Eastern Europe in Tennessee.

And I loved it. You will see me again, Euro Grill! (and Serbia!)

An overdramatic tale of woe (a coffee lover’s nightmare)

12 Jan

The grounds slowly moisten, letting off a bit of steam. The water seeps through them and drains out the bottom of the pour over. You hear a faint dripping sound, like light rain hitting a quiet pond.

Wait. WAIT. Shouldn’t the coffee be hitting the bottom of the cup?!

Yes, dear readers, it should be hitting the bottom of the cup. However, sometimes you wants your coffee to stay hot longer, so you keep hot water in your cup while you’re busy grinding beans and preparing a filter. Sometimes you’re thinking of something else, or singing, or performing the balcony monologue from Romeo and Juliet…so the first precious drops of coffee join the water in your cup, and you just wasted the best and strongest three ounces (give or take) of brew.

Goodbye, three ounces! May you have a wonderful journey down the drain and end up being recycled into some hipster’s tranquility fountain.


The end.

Does being womanly require milk and sugar?

30 Dec

“Coffee isn’t coffee unless it puts hair on your chest. Real men drink black coffee!”

When a Facebook friend of mine posted this status, my first instinct was to “like” it. I do enjoy black coffee, after all. But I’m not a man, and I don’t want hair on my chest!

In an effort to womanize black coffee, I perused for words similar to “feminine.” It was pretty sad, though. So I looked up “masculine.” Boy, do we have a problem! (no pun intended)

First of all, “masculine” has several synonyms, and many of them refer to character qualities rather than body-type.


Whereas “feminine” brings up a paltry eight words, all of which could apply to a Barbie doll. Oh, and the main definition is “girlish.” Why do men get to be manlike (see above), but women are reduced to being girlish?


I took a break from feminism and synonyms to ponder black coffee from my point of view. I find it delicious. Strong. Pure. Multi-dimensional. Robust. Smooth. Nuanced. Daring. Mellow. Balanced.

How many of those adjectives would you attribute to women? How many to men? More importantly, why does it matter? I believe men and women were created differently, but I’m not sure how gender roles apply to food intake.  The internet says a lot of men want pink slushy drinks, but apparently that’s embarrassing. Girls get frappucinos but boys would rather be caught dead than order a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Y’all, how crazy is that? Everyone has different tongues. Taste buds are weird and contrary and unpredictable. I’m pretty sure communism is out of style, so how about we agree to stop judging people by what they eat and drink?

I am a straight woman, and I would like my coffee black.

Things that would be better with food

24 Oct
  • Outdoor concerts

Picture yourself sitting on lush green grass, relaxing and listening to plucky acoustic goodness with your friends. Now picture yourself in that exact scenario, but with some fried chicken and a big ol’ southern sweet tea. Which scenario do you like most? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  • The pool

Okay, so there’s lots of food at normal pools. Pools are the land of hotdogs, hamburgers and Icees. But it’s frowned upon to eat your food in the pool. Yet that Icee would taste so much better if you were in your float, bobbing up and down on the simulated waves and glaring at the kids who accidentally bump your feet.

Not these type of food

This is not what I’m talking about. Although it’s pretty awesome.

  • The doctor’s office

There’s a man coughing up a lung across from you. The receptionist can’t find your insurance information. Some runny-nosed kid is screaming. But look! The line for the barista is only two people long. The only cold you have now is the feeling of your iced latte!

  • Operas, plays and/or any refined show that lasts over two hours

Since you are such a classy person, I know you would never get bored at something like this, but us less genteel people need food to provide side entertainment. Plus even if the whole production is riveting, some can be three hours long. I don’t know about you, but snacking is a necessity in my life. What if you didn’t have to hide your granola bar from the ushers like a shoplifter? I’m talking full meal, three-course stuff. Oh yeah.

(pic from Heather's Sweets and Treats)

These would be good eaten ANYWHERE (pic from Heather’s Sweets and Treats)

  • The world

Literally anywhere would be better with food. Because food is awesome!

Afternoon delight

30 Apr

Why is WordPress so against embedding media into posts? I gave up on putting in my actual video, but I wanted to share it with y’all via link. Just to make your mouth water.

You’re welcome!

(P.S. Vine is awesome. Coffee is better!)