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A waffle ain’t no wafel without stroop

29 Apr

The perfect way to start your day

Two finals down. Three more to go within 72 hours. So obviously I spent my morning on the porch, enjoying the breezy 75 degree weather and definitely not studying.

For a mid-finals treat, I covered my cup of coffee* with a stroopwafel.

A stroopwafel is an ingenious treat straight from the Netherlands. It’s a cookie/waffle crossover filled with caramel that slowly melts into goo from the steam of your coffee.

In a word: exquisite.IMG_0878

I ate my first stroopwafel in Hungary, where my Finnish friend ridiculed me for never having heard of one. I wasn’t annoyed at her, because, hello….she both told me about them and gave me one!

Since my first eating, I am always on the lookout for these heavenly circles. Some I’ve found in out-of-the-way cafes in Nashville. Others came via package from a wonderful aunt. This wafel came straight from Amsterdam, where my dad had a layover recently. Fresh is best, but you can’t really go wrong with melty caramel cookies.

Disclaimer: You cannot drink your coffee with a stroopwafel like an American. As in, grab it and go and suck it down before your 9 a.m. meeting. The wafel is European and you have to drink it like a European. Pour your coffee, fix it how you like it, and spend at least half an hour nursing it and chatting with your friends. Trust me. It tastes better that way.

On its way to disappearing!

*my favorite recently has been Starbucks’ Fair Trade Certified Italian roast in whole bean. Mmmm.