An overdramatic tale of woe (a coffee lover’s nightmare)

12 Jan

The grounds slowly moisten, letting off a bit of steam. The water seeps through them and drains out the bottom of the pour over. You hear a faint dripping sound, like light rain hitting a quiet pond.

Wait. WAIT. Shouldn’t the coffee be hitting the bottom of the cup?!

Yes, dear readers, it should be hitting the bottom of the cup. However, sometimes you wants your coffee to stay hot longer, so you keep hot water in your cup while you’re busy grinding beans and preparing a filter. Sometimes you’re thinking of something else, or singing, or performing the balcony monologue from Romeo and Juliet…so the first precious drops of coffee join the water in your cup, and you just wasted the best and strongest three ounces (give or take) of brew.

Goodbye, three ounces! May you have a wonderful journey down the drain and end up being recycled into some hipster’s tranquility fountain.


The end.


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