The Bisons (a no food post)

6 Apr

Hi, I’m Carly.

You probably know a bit about me if you’re a follower, but if not, you already know I like traveling and tastes, right? What you might not know is that, along with my insatiable appetite for food and adventure, I have an insatiable curiosity.

When I have a question, it must be answered. I don’t care how long it takes.

So this is why no matter how comfortable I am, no matter what delightful goodness I’m intaking, no matter how much fun I’m having…there’s been a niggling sensation underneath that says: YOU ARE UNFULFILLED.

It all started when I pitched a story to my journalism teacher on the origins of our school mascot (the ungrammatically correct “Bisons”). He loved the story idea, and I set out to get some facts and interviews.

Except, there were none. Facts, that is. I got a couple interviews with people who had no idea why we are called the Bisons and referred me to other people who were also clueless.

I looked in old Lipscomb backlogs. I read books on the history of the school. I searched the web. I called the sports center management. I even asked the president!

No dice.


I did find this Most Popular Boy of 1963. Ooh la la!

I haven’t given up – I still have two more years of school left; I’ll finish that story yet! But it sure is bothersome right now. Do unanswered questions bother you?


One Response to “The Bisons (a no food post)”

  1. Cara April 7, 2013 at 8:41 pm #

    Do unanswered questions bother me? … 😉

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