Naan and spice and everything nice

13 Dec

In case you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with Indian food. It’s my favorite. Which is why it’s such a shame that I just now made a visit to our local Indian market last week.

My goal, by the way, was masala powder, and the resulting tikka masala I made was gobbled up too fast for me to get a picture!

One day I'll have enough spices for a tikka dabba (spice rack) like this one!

One day I’ll have enough spices for a tikka dabba (spice rack) like this one!

On entering the market, my sister and I gawked at the huge exotic fruits and vegetables. They had names like “hoosi” and “konguun,” and I had no idea what they were. It was indeed an eye-opening experience.

We moved on to intricately inspect every other item of food in the store, which was fairly large. We both had hazy goals for what we wanted, but higher on our priority list was to simply enjoy the experience.

As we wandered aimlessly, a kindly Indian woman who did not work there asked if we needed help finding something. For a moment I inwardly seethed and considered spouting in perfect Hindi that I’m an Indian with a pigment disorder who knows this place like the back of my hand. But she was really nice. And I only know how to say “Hello” and “How are you?” in Hindi. Plus despite my wishes, I really didn’t know what most things were and could have probably used her help.

Anyway 🙂

In addition to my masala, I scored onion kulcha, which I had never had before but appeared like stuffed naan. Two of my favorite things: naan and something I’ve never tried! Later I discovered that kulcha is a sort of fluffier naan popular in northern India. It usually comes stuffed with cottage cheese, onions, potatoes or spices.

Variants of naan? Be still, my fluttering heart!

Thank you, Patel Brothers Market, for an enjoyable time and supremely yummy food! I have an auspicious feeling that I will be seeing you again soon…


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