Traveling vicariously

1 Dec

Do you read about other people’s travels regularly?

Can an episode of “No Reservations” make your heart race like it’s you spending the night in Transylvania?

Do you get sad, excited or start plotting a secret getaway when you see a picture of [insert country here]?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you might have what I like to call Travel Envy. The term also moonlights as Living Vicariously Through Others and It WILL be me someday!

My bags are SO ready to travel!

My travel bags, looking disarmingly cute and ever ready to leave.

Don’t be offended; I am the top most sufferer of these “diseases.”  I watch travel television and have a tendency to use the WordPress reader to find blogs with tags like “food” and “travel” and “coffee.” Sometimes what I find doesn’t spark the fire of travel lust in my heart, but more often that not, I’m intrigued by someone else’s experiences and ideas about food, travel and more.

Since I’m an analytical and more than mildly curious person, I’ve thought extensively about this (like, at least five minutes) and have come up with a few ideas as to why we like to live vicariously through others:

number one:  how else will you get your kicks? Yes, I dream of seeing the whole world, but I understand that it probably won’t happen (take that, all you who call collegiates idealistic!). But if I never see New Zealand for myself, at least I can take it in via HD travel shows on Netflix.

NZ definitely requires HD! (pic courtesy of ILTWMT)

NZ definitely deserves HD! (pic courtesy of ILTWMT)

number two: ideas for the future. If I’m planning on visiting a certain area, I like to watch and read up on it beforehand. Thanks to the Internet, I can find tips for and experiences about visiting any country in the entire world!

number three: it’s entertaining! We watch documentaries and travel shows for the same reason we watch dramas and comedies. It takes our imaginations to a different level, and, c’mon – if you see someone making a fool of themselves in real life, it’s offensive to laugh at them. But on TV, you can make fun of them all you want!

What are your favorite shows, blogs or websites that transport you by imagination to far away places or dreamy meals?


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