Fetch a pail of coffee :)

22 Nov

My new favorite coffeehouse in Nashville is called The Well. And no, it’s not an actual well out of which you can draw mugs of ever-hot coffee. Although now I want one in the kitchen of my future luxury home – “Honey, did you brew a pot already? Ah, what am I saying…I’ll just get some from the COFFEE WELL.”

Back to reality, though…The Well is a non-profit coffeehouse hoping to make a difference in the world. Part of that includes donating to organizations who build wells in places where people desperately need water. The Well also supports other charities, sells products made by the poor, and has a corner dedicated to voicing and fulfilling the needs of locals.

Isn’t it wonderful? Isn’t it grand? But, ladies and gentlemen, that’s not all.

The Well has astoundingly good coffee. Plus, their standard way of making said coffee is with a pour over, which allows for fresh individual brews. You can pick from the 20 or so blends they have listed on their menu.

My first time, I asked for a Bali brew made in a Chemex, which is a pour over method that uses a thicker filter, leaving you with a rich cup of coffee with fruity overtones.  So far I’ve had both the Bali brew and the Ethiopian brew. I’m not sure if it was the barista or the brew, but I liked the Bali much more because it was very strong and good. The Ethiopian was less so, and my friend’s AeroPress of the same brew was even weaker, but you could still taste the quality of the beans.

On a side note, the mugs are fantastic! My only complaint is that they are so sturdy that I can’t warm my zombie-cold hands with them. I never use a sleeve on my coffee in paper cups because those first 10 minutes are the only time my poor fingers have feeling in the winter.If you’re an awesome coffee snob like me, you can probably tell that my Chemex is on the left and my friend’s pour over is on the right. There’s just a little more foam around the top of the…yeah, I’m kidding. I don’t even remember which one was mine. But they’re both so darn adorable!


One Response to “Fetch a pail of coffee :)”

  1. allthingsgoodandwise December 1, 2012 at 5:38 pm #

    Sounds like a great cause and coffee shop. I don’t drink the stuff but I will tell my hubby about it and I am sure he will make a trip very soon.

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