An Indian treat of mango lassi

23 Jul

Have you ever eaten something really good at a restaurant and thought, “Man, I wish I could have this more often and for a cheaper price”? Yeah, me too, like all the time. Even if the fridge is full, my stomach wants food only obtainable halfway across the world (or halfway across Nashville, which is just as annoying). But when the mini TGI Fridays never popped up in my kitchen, I grudgingly started experimenting with my favorite dishes at home. The great thing is that, even if my creations don’t end up exactly like the originals, they’re often as good or better.

Such is the case with mango lassi. My very first blog post was on India, because everything Indian makes me happy. It also brings to surface my insatiable wanderlust, but let’s focus on the happy part! Since I like my chicken tikka masala better than any I’ve eaten at an Indian buffet, I decided to take advantage of fruit season (and my favorite ingredient: yogurt!) and try out mango lassi.

Every self-respecting Indian joint offers mango lassi. The mango is the national fruit of India, after all, and the cold sweetness counteracts spicy fare. In India, mangoes are known as the “food of the gods” and grow in nearly every area of the country!

Mango lassi is basically a thin mango smoothie. I would definitely recommend it for a hot summer day (or with spicy food on a cold day). You’ll just need equal amounts of mango and yogurt, as well as milk, sugar and cardamom added to personal taste. Note that if your mango isn’t pureed, you’ll need to blend the lassi very well or it will be chunky.

Did my mango lassi taste like restaurant lassi? Nah. But what’s life without variety, anyway?


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