You’re the noodle to my Ramen

19 Jun

Hey guys – sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been on vacation in San Diego! Yet now I write to you not about fish tacos (although California’s seafood made me question why I live in a landlocked state), but another Japanese staple. Ramen!

I shudder to compare the 10 cent bags of dry noodles in the U.S. to the glorious bowls of Ramen in Japan. So I won’t. But let’s just say both have their merits (what is as cheap and filling as Maruchan?).

Japan does have their own version of prepackaged Ramen noodles, but that ain’t what we’re talking about today. No, sir! Instead we go to the Ramen shop – restaurants scattered throughout Japan that have nothing on the menu besides noodle soup.

Oh yeah, and the mysterious red stuff on the left.

You have options, though. Spicy or tangy, little or lots of broth, chicken or pork. I went with a more spicy alternative that included pork, green stuff and yellow stuff. I learned not to be too curious about what I was eating in Tokyo since chefs rarely speak English and our “tour guide” barely spoke Japanese.

My bowl of YUM.

You cannot properly understand the size of this bowl from the picture. It was huge. Like the size of a salad bowl for a dinner party. Which brings up a problem I have in my relationship with food. I love it, I dream about it and sometimes it’s the highlight of my travels (okay, well, always). But I can’t eat very much of it. My stomach rebels and I reach a point where if I eat another bite, I’m convinced I’ll explode.

But this is how good that bowl of ramen was:

So I didn’t eat all the broth. DEAL WITH IT.

I was delightedly won over by my spicy, intensely flavorful, surprise-in-every-bite bowl of legit Ramen noodles. Although eating the decorative pepper was probably a mistake.


2 Responses to “You’re the noodle to my Ramen”

  1. Cara June 20, 2012 at 1:30 am #

    There was a Chinese restaurant I ate at in Madagascar whose Ramen soup I LOVED (especially after a slightly nauseating trip in the car up the curvy road) and it also had the option of that “mysterious red sauce!”


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    […] to you, Japan: I ate some of the best food I’ve ever tasted among your alleyways. Your ramen is to die for. I mean, you’re the birthplace of sushi! But your […]

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