Konichiwa, sushi!

6 Jun

Sushi. I used to fear this word. My more refined friends occasionally use it to refer to their favorite food, or to illustrate how liking it makes them so refined or whatever.

But this is what the word conjures up in my mind:

“How long do we have to pretend to be dead?”

Before I went to Tokyo, I had tasted “sushi.” I didn’t eat it often, and I’m not an enthusiast by any means, but I liked it as much as the average person. Yet what I considered sushi was nothing like what I ate in Japan! Sushi roll? What’s that? At Japanese sushi places, experienced chefs pick out the best fish at the market in the morning, then cut it and assemble it in front of you. You literally eat a slab of raw fish nestled on top of a rice ball (onigiri), only sometimes beautified by a bit of drizzly mayonaise or caviar.

Japanese vs. American sushi

We ate our first Japanese sushi with my friend’s brother who has lived in Japan for four years. He kindly started us out with flash-roasted fish, but still, the look of it was not appealing. However, when I took my first bite, it didn’t matter what the sushi looked like.

That stuff is GOOD.

We soon graduated to death raw sushi, called sashimi. I enjoyed that as well, but still didn’t like looking at it before I ate. Or thinking about it (caviar: “Baby Nemo and his siblings!”). Thankfully we tried our first sushi before visiting Tsukiji Fish Market!

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed Japanese sushi. Even when I realized I was allergic to the self-serve green tea at sushi bars, it didn’t faze me much. You can’t have it all…

Plus it’s just so yummy!


2 Responses to “Konichiwa, sushi!”

  1. Marko June 7, 2012 at 4:13 am #

    mmm… I’m super jealous! Can’t believe you went there before me. Now I want me some sushi, but I don’t want to eat it anywhere else but in Japan… and that’s a problem!


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