Just another layover

18 Apr

Dear Readers,

You might or might not know that so far, this blog has been a school project. Now that my class is ending, I have no scholastic reason to continue blogging. But just because school is over for the semester doesn’t mean that my passions for cooking and traveling left with it! I will continue to post whenever I cook, discover, or travel internationally (okay, so the last one is more of a dream). So feel free to check back occasionally, or subscribe to email updates!

Stay well-fed, dear readers (all five of you), and I wish you the happiest of travels! Or days home. Or trips to the mall. Or jaunts down the driveway to get your mail.

completely unrelated photo of a wonderful quesadilla I made the other day - give me any food with a dip or sauce, and I am a happy girl.

P.S. Any country or culinary suggestions for me to try?


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